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Do you know which U.S. president:

  • had a photographic memory?
  • was a speed reader?
  • was nearly blinded in one eye in a boxing accident?
  • had a pet hyena?
  • was one of five U.S. presidents to be a member of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club?
  • was the first president to own a car and fly in an airplane?
  • had a well-known children’s toy named after him?
  • was the youngest U.S. president?
  • had six children?
  • was related to several well-known U.S. political figures?
  • banned Christmas trees from the White House?

If you guessed President Theodore Roosevelt, you are correct!

On Saturday, October 22nd, area residents will have the opportunity to learn even more about Teddy Roosevelt. The Friends of the St. Michael/Albertville/Hanover Library, in collaboration with the Crow River Senior Center, will host “Teddy” Roosevelt impersonator, Adam Lindquist. This FREE event will take place at 10:00am at the Crow River Senior Center in St. Michael.

Known as the “conservation president,” Teddy Roosevelt not only banned Christmas trees from the White House, he helped establish 230 million acres of protected public lands as president. His legacy includes the passage of the 1906 American Antiquities Act, which created 5 national parks and 150 national forests. Later, in 1916, when the National Park Service was established, 23 of the 35 sites it managed were lands that Roosevelt helped to create.

Teddy Roosevelt It is especially fitting, then, that in 2016, as we celebrate the Centennial of the National Park Service, that we take time to look at Roosevelt’s lasting influence on our nation, as well as our 407 national parks (4 of which are right here in Minnesota)!

Roosevelt said in 1887 that, “There can be no greater issue than conversation in this country.” Conservation continues to be a significant issue in the United States in 2016.

Conservation, leadership, and volunteerism will be among the topics that Lindquist as Roosevelt will focus on in his presentation. Lindquist believes, as Roosevelt did, that, “participation in important causes helps us all.”

Since 2007, Adam Lindquist has traveled around the country presenting to tens of thousands of students, civic group members, scouts, corporations, and seniors about the remarkable life of our 26th president, Roosevelt. His goal is to take his audiences, “back to a time in our country’s history where anything was possible with hard work and determination.”

Winner in 2011, 2012, and 2013 of a national competition for his portrayal, Lindquist holds a remarkable resemblance to Theodore Roosevelt. Lindquist is a member of The Reenactor’s Performance Group, a marketing director, and the owner of a vineyard. For more information about Lindquist, visit:

Join the Friends of the Library at the Crow River Senior Center on Saturday, October 22nd (10:00am) for “Teddy Roosevelt Impersonated by Adam Lindquist.”